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Vegan MoFo Day 17: A Long Absence and Another Cake!

Ugh…this past week proved to be more complicated for me than I anticiapted. I wanted to make a post everyday during the week and take the weekends to cook up some of my recipes and take photos of them. Well that did not happen as I had planned for it to. My mom, sister and I spent last week trying to get everything in order for my brother and husband’s 30th birthday party, so the party preparations took up more time than I had expected.

I spent most of my week trying to make my husband’s birthday cake, which had me pulling my hair out in frustration. For some odd reason the cake recipes that I have depended on did not want to cooperate with me and I ended up remaking the cake six times! Everything that could go wrong with the cake went wrong. Once I was happy with how the cakes turned out and was ready to decorate it things started to go wrong with that. I couldn’t get my fondant to the color I needed it to be, but in the end he really enjoyed his cake and seemed to love it.


My husband was a Marine and there is no doubt that every Marine who wears this uniform absolutely loves it, so I thought that it would be special to make this cake for my him because he had loved being a Marine. I am always reminded by him that “Once a Marine, always a Marine!”, so there are no former Marines.

The bottom tier is a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream with chopped homemade peanut butter cups mixed in. The top tier is a pineapple coconut cake with a pineapple coconut cream cheese filling. Everything on the cake is edible and vegan except for the cover. We had a little bit of difficulty with trying to make the cover from crispy rice cereal and Dandies, so I ended up using his actual cover for the cake. I was going to try and make it out of cake and cover it in fondant, but I ran out of time.  For those of you not familiar with the Marine Corps they call their “hats” covers. I was quickly corrected when my husband and I first started dating when I called his cover a hat, ha!


I was pretty happy with how this cake turned out and I was really happy to see the look on my husband’s face when he saw it. Everyone at the party seemed to really enjoy it also. I am still trying to improve on my decorating skills and I am starting to see improvement which has me really excited! I love edible works of art, especially when they are vegan!


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Vegan MoFo and a Cake!

Today is the first day of Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food) and I am excited that I can actually participate in it this year! If you aren’t familiar with Vegan MoFo you can read about it here . I started another blog last year around the time that Vegan MoFo was to begin, but ended up not participating due to the work load I had for school. This year I wanted to make sure that I made time to join in all the fun. I also see this as a way to get my new blog up and running and what better way to do that then to talk about one of my favorite things, vegan food!

Over the next month I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes and also some of the cake decorating projects that I will be working on.   My first post is going to be about a cake my sister and I made for a dear friend of ours.

This picture isn’t so great because I took it using my cell phone, but the cake and everything on it is vegan. My sister and I veganized our mom’s red velvet cake recipe and made it blue velvet instead because our friend’s favorite color is blue.  The cake is covered in fondant with fondant accents and vegan white chocolate  sea shells.  It’s not perfect and we are still learning and practicing to become better with our decorating skills, but I do have to say that this is one of my favorite cakes so far! Everyone loved the cake, including the birthday girl, and I love the fact that it shows that vegan cakes can be just as beautiful and delicious as non-vegan cakes!



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